Florida native and Berklee College of Music graduate, Drew OfThe Drew explores and creates a progressive sound and image. He has toured internationally with Helicopria and racked up thousands of hours in the studio as both a player and producer. He works consistantly in vocal arranging/production, and melts brains during wild live performances in his dubstep duo "Drew and JP" with drummer JP Bouvet. His arsenal of effects includes a Line 6 M13 and M9, modified DW5000 kick pedal killswitch, and the Electro-Harmonix Voice Box, as well as several personally designed and constructed instruments and pedals, making up the foundation of his sound. For anyone that knows Drew, they are sure to find the humor, spontaneity and vibrancy of his personality equally embodied in his bass performance and musicianship.


Cry, Die, Fly
Can't Save Me
My Fire
Pull Me Down
Thinkin Bout You
Rage Space
A Whole New World